Gene is a Professor of Community Health Sciences and Assistant Dean for DrPH Education at the Boston University School of Public Health as well as a professor on the faculty of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Boston University School of Medicine. He has served as lead author of national reports on women’s experiences in childbirth and in the postpartum period entitled Listening to Mothers I, II & III and New Mothers Speak Out. He was a childbirth educator for almost 20 years and was technical adviser to the film documentary, The Business of Being Born. He developed and presented the short film, Birth by the Numbers, as well as this companion website. This video was followed by two more, Birth by the Numbers: the Update and Birth by the Numbers: Myth and Reality Concerning US Cesarean Sections. Gene is also a father and grandfather to eight grandchildren. By his own admission, he bears some resemblance to the above picture of the family pet.