The Latest in Cesarean Sections

Cesarean section rates have been increasing since the late 1990’s, as seen in the graph below:


At the state level, Cesarean section rates vary by region. The highest rates are seen in the Atlantic South, and the lowest are in the Pacific Northwest:

Here is the freeze frame for the 2019 state Cesarean Rates:

Trends on a global scale:

The graph below displays the cesarean section rate by age category:

The 2017 cesarean section rates by race:

The graph below displays how the cesarean section rate differs by education:

Medical professionals across the country are working to decrease the United States’ cesarean section rate. Take a look at some of the interventions they are using:

  • Ariadne Labs, Team Birth Project
  • Doulas 
  • Midwives
  • Vaginal Births After Cesarean (VBACs)
  • Doctors in England began changing the way cesarean sections are conducted in an effort to make cesarean sections healthier. Check out the details here

  • *New* article from the Atlantic about the influence of cost and profit on the cesarean section rate in the United States.
  • Check out this website for more cesarean section information.
  • Read this article, which addresses the intersection between cesarean section and addiction. 
  • Some medical professionals are working to make cesarean sections more similar to a natural births. Learn more about the technique here.
  • Choice of hospital may be the largest predictor of cesarean section, according to Dr. Neel Shah. 
  • Read a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, looking at planned cesarean sections in twin births and risk of neonatal morbidity.