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The following PowerPoint files are available to download! They are perfect for use in childbirth education classes and other educational settings. Check back frequently for new content.


Supplemental Slides on Midwifery and Out of Hospital Birth

home birthsIn conjunction with the release of The Boston Globe’s Q & A with Dr. Gene Declercq, be sure to use these slides on midwifery and out of hospital birth trends when sharing with your networks. Download three PowerPoint files here, here, and here!



Birth by the Numbers 2015 Slides Update

mmWondering what’s new? Check out our latest set of slides with all data from the videos brought up-to-date  and just in time for back-to-school preparations! Download the PowerPoint here (4 MB) for use in classrooms and sharing with others!



Myth and Reality of Cesareans PowerPoint Slides

causesThe slides from our latest Birth by the Numbers video, Myth and Reality Concerning US Cesareans are available for download. We encourage the use of this material in classrooms, childbirth education programs, and other settings. Each slide includes supplementary comments and information in the notes section. Download the PowerPoint file here (this file is 6.2 MB).



U.S. Cesarean Births Trends (1990-2013) PowerPoint Slides

Slide24Once upon a time (1990) one third of the states in the U.S. delivered less than 20% of their babies via cesarean section. Much has changed since then, starting in 2001 when Louisiana became the first state to reach a 30% cesarean rate. In the years that followed, the overall U.S. cesarean birth rate continued to increase and many states started delivering one out of three babies via cesarean. These slides depict the map of the U.S. with cesarean birth rate trends by state (1990-2013). The slides are freely available for use in classrooms and childbirth education classes. Download the PowerPoint file US_Cesarean_Map_Series.



Birth by the Numbers PowerPoint Slides

moneyAn updated version (11/15/2014) of the slides from the Birth by the Numbers video is available for download. These slides are freely available for use in classrooms, childbirth education classes, and other settings. Helpful information for presenters is available in the notes section of each slide. Download the PowerPoint file here (this is a 4MB file).





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