McDonald’s is one word that can stop a kid from crying. It even brings a smile on the face of an adult. Just like Rajma chawal in India makes everyone happy, ‘McDonald’s Big Mac’ makes almost the whole world happy. Beginning with a barbecue restaurant in 1940, the company is now the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants. Order food online using McDelivery by McDonald’s India at the official website. Getting home delivery of food has never been this quick and easy! It’s safe to say that McDonald’s is a worldwide phenomenon. Producing millions of burgers all over the world, it serves and employs more people than most countries have for populations. While it may produce joy and happiness for some people, its history, cooking practices, and food ingredients make it a prime target for controversy. Looking for more Facts & Stats of Mcdonalds?

  • McDonald’s has sold well over 100 billion hamburgers.
  • McDonald’s serves up over 30 million chickens in Great Britain alone every year.
  • Of this total, 60% of the chicken is important frozen from Brazil, 9% comes from Thailand, and 30% from Holland.
  • Just 1% of McDonald’s chicken in Great Britain comes from Great Britain.
  • In the United States alone, people eat over 1 billion pounds of beef at McDonald’s in a year, which is 5½ million head of cattle.
  • McDonalds Corporation sells over 1 billion cups of coffee each year around the world.
  • It sells 500 million cups a day in the U.S. alone.
  • McDonald’s opens a new restaurant every four hours.
  • McDonald’s is the nation’s largest purchaser of beef, pork, and potatoes.
  • It is the second-largest purchaser of chicken.
  • McDonald’s serves about 9 million pounds of fries globally—per day.
  • McDonald’s Corporation is the largest owner of retail property in the world.
  • The company earns most of its profits not from selling food, but by collecting rent.
  • The smallest McDonald’s restaurant is only 492 square feet. It is in Tokyo, Japan.
  • The largest McDonald’s restaurant is over 28,000 square feet and is located in Beijing.
  • Speedee Service System

Dick and Mac MacDonald are the persons behind your favorite brand. After failing in the movie business, they proved successful in operating drive-in restaurants. The duo started Speedee Service System in 1948; featuring 15 cent hamburgers.

  • When In Rome, Be A Roman

McD has taken this saying seriously and is providing different menus in different countries to cater to the needs of local people.

  • Salad Or Burger?

You must hear this one, your fitness freak! Whenever your fitness trainer instructs you to take a salad instead of a burger, ask him to check calorie count in McD. Because McD’s Caesar salad is more fattening than an average hamburger.

  • Royal Fan Following

Do you know who a fan of McD in the royal family of London is? It’s not Prince William or Prince Harry folks! It’s the highness herself! She owns a franchisee of McDonald’s near the Palace of England. Isn’t that handy??

  • Ronald McDonald

A man who was actually called Ronald McDonald went against his namesake when robbed a Wendy’s back in 2005. Shame on you, Ronald! What would the kids think?

  • Kerching!

All those cheap and tasty hamburgers add up. How much? The fast-food restaurant reportedly makes US$75 million per day.