If you are looking for a good laptop with premium features but your budget cannot exceed Rs. 50000, this list is for you. Here, I am listing the best laptops under 50000 INR. I have considered several factors including performance, battery life, and portability while preparing this list. The list is long and consists of laptops from all the popular brands. So, you can select any one depending on your requirements and choice.

While selecting a laptop, you must consider your needs. If you need a portable laptop, think about a lightweight laptop and give the convertible laptop a priority. If you want a laptop for gaming, you need to focus on graphics and performance. In this list, we consider a common laptop with all the best features that can available in the market for Rs. 50000. Have a look at the best laptops Under 50000 INR in India.

The touchpad can work once in a while get impaired or disable on laptops, or the client may incapacitate it on account of the burden created by its responsiveness. To empower and disable Touchpad restarting your PC/Laptop may help you by resetting the configs. On account of best laptops under rs 50000, 2020 with Windows OS like and Vista, XP, changes in the mouse settings tab can enable and disable the TouchPad. A few portable workstations accompanied alternate console routes for this capacity. To run TrackPad, one can likewise utilise the site called Synaptics that gives synaptic drives and programming which is required.

Note: On the off chance that you find touchpad software already installed on your laptop, you may have the rights to alter the settings and dispense with the touchpad’s irritating conduct without disabling it. For instance, some touchpad software enables you to change the affectability of the touchpad, disregard palm presses, and consequently disable the touchpad when the framework recognises an external mouse.

The holidays are over, but there are still great cheap gaming laptop deals out there! Hopefully, one of your New Year’s resolutions was to treat yourself to the brand new gaming laptop for work and play. Every week we handpick some of the best deals that offer the most bang for your buck. After all, nothing says self-care like winning matches of Rainbow Six Siege on a new gaming laptop you got at a steal.

There are still plenty of post-Holiday deals available on killer gaming laptops. We’ve been noticing laptops with Nvidia’s midrange graphics cards like the GTX 1660 Ti or the RTX 2060 on systems for less $1000, and even some Gaming Laptops in budget as low as $500. Those with bigger budgets will manage to find gaming laptops deals in the $1000-$1500 range and give you the performance of the portability without having to sell a kidney.

The least complicated approach to cripple a touchpad relies on upon the equipment. The uplifting news is that makers of present day portable PCs have attempted to address the issue in advance. On a few scratch pad, you’ll locate a physical change to debilitate and enable the touchpad; check out the laptop edge for it. The PC may likewise offer an easy console route, (for example, pressing Fn+F7 all the while) to enable or disable the touchpad, or maybe pressing a particular region of the touchpad itself will turn it off. Check your laptop documentation for particular thing to be aware of it.

To Enable Touchpad on your Laptop

  • All you need is one external working mouse which helps us to navigate through Windows mouse settings
  • Hit the “Start” key in the lower left corner of your desktop/laptop.
  • Look up and click on “Control Panel.”
  • Click on “Mouse Setting.”
  • Tap the “Gadget Settings” tab.
  • Highlight the touchpad in the rundown of gadgets. Hit the “Enable” button
  • Hit the “Apply” catch and hit the “OK” button.
  • Done