Vital Statistics ReportsThe Vital Statistics Reports for SC include data on attendant at birth, live births, low weight births, teen pregnancy, perinatal mortality, maternal mortality and more.
Interactive DataSCAN a SCDHEC site, allows generation of user-specified tables and interactive maps of public health data from various databases. You can check out the birth certificate data page to access cesarean rates, labor interventions, maternal health information, newborn health.
Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)PRAMS is a survey project that collects data on maternal experiences surrounding pregnancy and birth. The PRAMS databooks (bottom of the page) offer information on prenatal care, maternal health, and infant health among others. The databooks are only available for certain years.
Title V Needs AssessmentLike all states, South Carolina receives federal funding for maternal and child health programs, and reports on the strengths and needs of the populations these programs serve.
March of Dimes PeristatsState-level information about preterm birth, birth weight, prenatal care, mortality, multiples, delivery method, substance use, obesity, infections, insurance, screening, folic acid, NICU admissions, breastfeeding, and more.
Studies and Special ReportsMaternal and Child Health Databook 2011 includes 2010 Vital Records data and 2010 MCH program data. Scroll down to the Table of Content for topics of interest.

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